Amedeo Modigliani, the stumbling blocks. The story of the real heads of Modigliani

1 From the memories of Piero Carboni

1909, The extraordinary testimony of an artistic appointment

It's time to not run away…

Maddalena Paola Winspeare, Sillabe Managing Editor


Nino Filastò

The ingredients of a novel, while we are blindfolded spectators:

Federica Falchini

Piero Carboni's Diary

Piero Carboni, Maurizio Bellandi

2 Amedeo Modigliani
the stumbling blocks
The story of the real heads of Modigliani i

Maurizio Bellandi


For the love of the law:

Cristina Cerrai

The process

The sculptures

The Kabbalah and alchemy symbols

Personal observations :

Modigliani between truth and legend


Documentary Appendix

The petrographic descriptions of the three works:

Corrado Gratziu (CV-Ita - CV-Eng) and Alessandra Moscato - Gral Al Lab -
Antonella Bertagnini and Alessio Di Roberto
- The National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology - Pisa -

Handwriting (graphology) analysis:

Valeria Zacconi -  expert graphologists

Booktrailer Amedeo Modigliani. The stumbling blocks. The story of the real heads of Modigliani

Finally, we can read the story of Piero Carboni, the car-body mechanic from Livorno who, in 1943, found and rescued three heads Modigliani had carved in Livorno in 1909. The book, written by Piero's grandson Maurizio Bellandi, presents images, documents, statements and the most results of the most recent studies of the sculptures. Through documents that have remained unpublished until today, the book sheds light on the artist's life and work in Livorno in 1909, and succeeds in drawing attention away from the endless arguments about the 1984 hoax. When he was seven years old Piero Carboni saw five stone heads in the cellar of a relative's home in Livorno and was totally fascinated by them. During World War II, when he was already an adult, he found the heads, a childhood memory, in the rubble of that house. There were only three and one of them was damaged, but he decided to take them to safety. After the war, he opened a car-body repair shop and kept the heads there for everyone to see. And that was where they stayed from the 1950s to the last years of the twentieth century silent, proud and beautiful. Today, they are in a secret place, in Livorno, and ready to be seen by the world.

Maurizio Bellandi: Amedeo Modigliani. The stumbling blocks. The story of the real heads of Modigliani


Maurizio Bellandi

Sillabe casa editrice Livorno